“Fantastic return on Investment. The best type of Crypto steaking I know of with an unbelievable ROI, even with the recent market crash. Yieldnodes was able to deliver a 7.9 % ROI this month (May 2021 )”
Sam Jackson
Sam Jackson May12, 2021
“I have only used YieldNodes for a short time ( about 6 weeks), but I am very pleased so far. "
John Wakeman
John Wakeman June 8, 2021
“Brilliant company ! Very transparent and delivered everything they said they would. Very excited about this company going forward ! 5 stars “
Conor Scanlon
Conor Scanlon April 8, 2021

What can you get from masternoding

My name is Arne and I've been doing this now for a while and in average I'm profiting in excess of 10% every single month with masternoding. I would love for you to join in our success. Do you need more information on what to do? Read more on how it works down below.
+ How do I earn?

By using a huge server network generating cryptocurrency you receive a much higher return than if you try to generate them through your own computer.

+ What if crypto loses value?

It is expected that a cryptocurrency might lose value. But as masternoding means that we use a wide range of cryptocurrencies means that all losses are offset by the increase of all the others. If a cryptocurrency is not profitable over time it is dropped, either temporarily or permanent.

+ What is the cost

There is only an initial participation amount that you actually pay, which is your investment. There is no cost other than this and all other expenses by Yieldnodes are directly deducted from your profit.

+ Initial investment

The initial deposit is minimum €500 and max €250000. The initial amount is locked for 6 months, but any profit you generate can be withdrawn every 1st and 15th of every month.

+ What's the risk

Every investment always comes with a risk of course, as if we end up in an unprecedented situation where every cryptocurrency loses value all at the same time. But history says that this doesn't happen when the average profit is a stable 10.7%


This is what you can accomplish withmasternoding.

Get started quickly
Registration in 5 minutes
Great return
Proven high ROI for extended time
Many help resources
There's probably an answer for your questions in the FAQ

Where do you go from here

Further resources from other people including reviews of the concept are linked below. I encourage you to check them out. Also check out the information video below for even more information on how it works. If you are ready to make a great investment, click the button to the right.

How does it work?

More resources

Read the Yieldnodes FAQ
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